Mendo Lake Women's Clinic provides evidence-based pregnancy options education and medical services at no charge to our patients, but we do not refer or perform abortions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you tell me when I conceived?

Per the pre-set OB dial-a-wheel formula, conception occurs about 2 weeks after the first day of your last period.

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When will I be able to see/hear the heartbeat?

The heartbeat is observable/audible via the ultrasound as early as the 5th week of gestation but is more commonly observed/heard by the end of the 5th week or in the middle of the 6th week of gestation.

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I had some spotting a while ago. Is that a sign of miscarriage?

Some women experience brief, minor spotting with implantation – when the fertilized egg implants into the wall of the uterus – or when they normally would have had their period in the first couple of months.  You should only be concerned if the spotting is ongoing and/or increases over time.

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I have had some lower abdominal “twinges” – cramping. Is that normal?

The uterus is a very muscular organ. With hormonal changes in pregnancy and increasing size of the fetus, many women experience some cramping. Again, you should only be concerned if the cramping continues/worsens over time.

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How soon should I see the doctor?

Research shows that early pre-natal care results in better birth outcomes. It is important to get connected with care as soon as possible.

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I haven’t had a period for a couple of years because I have been on Dep shots. Will you be able to tell how far along I am?

Depending on what we see on the ultrasound, we should be able to measure either the gestational sac (GS), crown-rump length (CRL), or the bi-parietal diameter (BPD) to determine how far along you are.

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I smoke marijuana regularly to help with morning sickness. Is that OK for the baby?

Like with smoking tobacco, marijuana use during pregnancy has been linked to pre-term birth and low birth weights. Safe ways to treat morning sickness include eating small and frequent meals, acupressure bands, or eating ginger (snaps, root, or tea). If the nausea persists, you can discuss other options with your pre-natal provider. The California Department of Public Health recommends abstaining from marijuana use during pregnancy.

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Can someone be with me during the ultrasound and can I have some pictures?

With your permission, and once you are set up and ready for your ultrasound, you can have family or friends with you during the ultrasound. When we are able to confirm viability and how far along you are, you are welcome to some pictures.

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Why is my pregnancy test at home positive and at Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic it is negative?

Tests are created with boundaries called specificity and sensitivity.  A test that is highly specific will eliminate most false positives and sometimes a true positive.  Tests that are highly sensitive will have more positives, some of which are false positives.  Retesting in one to two weeks will help verify the true positives.  Testing the first urine of the morning will also pick up more true positives.

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