Mendo Lake Women's Clinic provides evidence-based pregnancy options education and medical services at no charge to our patients, but we do not refer or perform abortions.

Compassionate and Confidential Medical Services

Mendo Lake Women's Clinic offers pregnancy and sexual health services to women in Mendocino and Lake Counties. Our highly trained medical staff provides free professional care to each patient in a warm, private atmosphere.

Our Services

  • Pregnancy Testing

    If you feel at all overwhelmed due to a pregnancy, we’re here to provide resources and support. You are a unique, valuable individual and we are committed to care for you as such.

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  • Ultrasounds

    Your free medical consultation will including meeting with your Advocate, meeting with a registered nurse, a pregnancy test, and following up with any additional questions or concerns.

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  • STD Testing & Treatment

    Mendo Lake Women's Clinic tests and treats for the two most common Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. It is important to know if you have either of these STDs, especially if you are considering an abortion.

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Important: If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, and you have any of the following physical symptoms, call your doctor or go to the emergency department as soon as possible: Vaginal bleeding (soaking greater than 1 pad in 24 hours); Abdominal pain with a fever; Cramping and abdominal pain more than your period; Burning with urination; Puffy hands or face or excessive vomiting.

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