Navigating the topic of abortion can be a complex task, and it doesn’t help that there’s an overwhelming amount of information out there for you to sort through. While there’s a lot to learn when it comes to your abortion options, potential risks, and side-effects, there are a few simple and easy steps to take before you even schedule your appointment. 

1. Get a lab-quality pregnancy test to confirm you’re still pregnant 

Before you schedule an appointment for an abortion, you want to ensure you have the most accurate results to identify the pregnancy. Even if you’ve recently taken an at-home pregnancy test, you’ll want to schedule an appointment at your local pregnancy center, like Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic, to take advantage of their no-cost, confidential, and lab-quality pregnancy tests.

Once your pregnancy test is completed, your nurse will take time to discuss your results with you, schedule follow up appointments, and begin to go over your options with you. 

2. Get a no-cost ultrasound to gather necessary information and identify any potential risks related to abortion 

Whether you’ve decided on abortion or are still mulling over your options, an ultrasound is a step you should never skip. Not only will an ultrasound empower you to make the most informed choice, but it will also give you and your doctor insight that will help guide you towards the decision that’s best for you. 

Ultrasounds are created through high-frequency waves and provide imaging of the pregnancy and information like its location, age, and viability. With this information, the scan will help determine the type of abortion procedure you’re eligible for — whether chemical or surgical — as well as any factors that could make abortion particularly dangerous for you.  

While an ultrasound scan will likely be added at an additional cost at an abortion clinic, your local pregnancy center will administer one at no cost to you. An ultrasound technician will help you understand the image of your pregnancy, talk through your options with you, and go over any questions you may have.

3. Options counseling so you can decide what’s best for you 

When deciding what pregnancy option or abortion procedure is best for you and your future, it’s important to have a listening ear and someone to discuss your fears, worries, and expectations with.

While trusted friends and family members can bring comfort and reassurance during this time, it can also be helpful to sit down with a trained professional. Pregnancy centers like Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic are here to provide you with a safe space where you can determine the right course of action for you and your pregnancy. 

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