An unplanned pregnancy may evoke emotions of fear of being overwhelmed, but that’s totally normal. You can look at the different options in front of you. One such option is adoption, and you might have several questions related to it. There is no need to rush or feel pressured as you have time to decide and Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic is here to provide resources.

Make a Plan

If you are contemplating adoption, you should make an adoption plan. It is possible for you to pick parents for your baby and the type of environment you want your baby to be brought up in. That is what makes adoption so special and unique. It lets you decide based on what you consider is the best for your baby. Things have changed a lot compared to a few decades ago when the birth mother could not choose parents for her baby.

Remember, adoption is not about giving up your baby; rather, it is giving your baby the life and home that you truly want for them. It is about ensuring your baby has a loving home where they can thrive and flourish. As the biological mother, you are the best person to choose what is right and best for your baby.

3 Types of Adoption

Today there are three types of adoptions:  open adoptions, semi-open adoptions, and confidential adoptions.

In open adoptions, you select, meet, and communicate with the adoptive parents, and this interaction continues even after the placement. You will even be able to visit your baby and spend time new family.

In semi-open adoptions, you can select the parents for your baby, but beyond that, there is no exchange of confidential information. Hence, after the placement, you will receive letters and photographs of the baby, but it is handled through the adoption agency.

In confidential adoptions, the adoption agency works with you to understand the kind of home you want for your baby, and then goes about selecting one that meets your wishes. You will not know who the adoptive parents are, and they will not know you. All this information remains confidential, and -hence the name!

Choosing the Right Adoption Agency

Regardless of the type of adoption you choose, it is essential you select the agency with care. Here are some tips to help make an informed choice when shortlisting adoption agencies:

  • Select an agency that is experienced in the entire adoption process.
  • The agency should be supportive of you, and provide you counseling throughout the process, including after the birth and placement of your baby.
  • Find out the types of adoptive parents (married or single) the adoption agency caters to, which will enable you to determine whether you are fine with this.
  • Learn in-depth about the screening process the agency undergoes to choose adoptive parents.
  • Find out if the adoption agency has any religious affiliation. If yes, you should be comfortable with it.

You may also want to find out from the agency the role of the birth father in the adopting process.

The Final Words

These are some facts about adoption and finding the right adoption agency should you decide to go ahead. If you have any questions or need counseling to handle an unplanned pregnancy, contact Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic to discuss your options.

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