If you feel confused when it comes to sexually transmitted infections, you’re not alone. Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic is here to help and answer all of your questions related to this tricky topic!

Are STIs Contagious? 

Yes — STIs are spread from person to person through vaginal, oral, and anal contact. STIs are very common and highly infectious if you are engaging in sexual activity. 

How do I Know if I Have an STI? 

STIs can be present with very mild symptoms, or commonly, with no symptoms at all! Thus, many people are infected with an STI without knowing it, often unknowingly spreading the infection to sexual partners.

I’m Pregnant — Can I Spread my STD to my Baby?

If you’re pregnant or suspect you are pregnant, STI testing is an important part of prenatal care and making healthy choices for your pregnancy.

It is possible to spread your STI to the fetus throughout pregnancy or during the birth process. If an STIis detected during pregnancy, safe treatment may be possible and your doctor may advise an alternative birth plan to prevent transmission.

STDs can cause various pregnancy complications depending on your condition. These complications may include… 

– Premature birth
– Eye infection

– Pneumonia

– Blood infection
– Brain damage

– Blindness

– Deafness

– Chronic liver disease

– Stillbirth

If abortion is a consideration, it is very important to rule out Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.  An untreated STI can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease after an abortion.

Where can I Receive Free STD Testing?   

The thought of receiving STI testing can feel overwhelming and intimidating. However, if you think you are pregnant, STI testing is a very normal and important part of staying healthy.

The good news? STI testing is easy, accessible, and free through your local pregnancy clinic! Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic provides free limited STI testing with your pregnancy testing, as well as ultrasound scans, medical consultations, and more!

We’re here to help you better understand your health, explore STI prevention, and take control of your health. Schedule your free appointment today!