Have you just received the news that you are pregnant? There are some circumstances when pregnancy is not expected, and often comes at a difficult time. This is when a pregnancy care center can be most helpful. Regardless of whether your pregnancy is an expected one or not, it is vital to get the pregnancy health services you need. To find the best one for you, go online, and check out ‘pregnancy care center near me’, and locate professional care from a highly trained and experienced staff.

Why Choose a Pregnancy Care Center?

Here are some of the reasons to seek the help of a pregnancy care center when you find out that you are expecting.

Care and Support: A pregnancy care center can provide support and resources to help you make a very important decision. You can obtain the care you need from trained medical professionals who specialize in dealing with women who are facing unplanned pregnancies.

Free Medical Consultation: At this pregnancy care center, Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic, you will be provided with an options consultation by a Patient Advocate. Then you will meet with a Registered Nurse who will perform a urine pregnancy test, provide you with pregnancy test results, and review your medical history.  Following a positive pregnancy test, our medical professional may perform an ultrasound.  If you are interested, our medical professional can test for certain Sexually Transmitted Diseases.  After your ultrasound exam is complete, your Advocate will provide you with referrals based on your personal needs.  She may schedule a follow-up appointment for you at that time.  All services are free and confidential.

Get Considerate and Confidential Pregnancy Services

If you research ‘pregnancy care center near me’, you are likely to find Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic. The Center specializes in helping women get the information they need so they can make important decision with confidence.  For more information, visit Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic or call us today at 707-463-1436 to schedule an appointment.