Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and feeling anxious about sharing your news? Have you decided to have an abortion and are unsure how your partner will react? Your feelings are valid. Walking through an unplanned pregnancy is scary and can be very overwhelming at times. 

Understand that you do not have to share your pregnancy news or future plans with anyone; even a boyfriend or intimate partner. However, bringing your partner into the decisions on how to move forward with the pregnancy may make your pregnancy choice easier. 

Whatever you decide, the decision is yours alone to make. Read on to learn things to consider if you decide to tell your partner. Or, if you want to talk to someone in person about your pregnancy options, contact Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic. We’re here to answer questions and give you space to explore your options.

Share with An Open Mind 

Do you remember what you felt when you first looked at that positive pregnancy test? Remember those moments when you share your pregnancy news with your boyfriend. He might need time to process alone or he may want to talk through how the two of you will plan for the future. 

Either way, giving your partner space to share his feelings is important. And it may help you to articulate your emotions to better process the whole pregnancy and decisions that come along with it as well.

Take Precaution

That being said, your safety is the highest priority. Having the conversation about your pregnancy in an open public space can protect you if your partner responds violently to the news. 

A coffee shop, park with people around, or even over a casual lunch can all be great spots. If you ever feel unsafe around your partner after sharing your pregnancy with him, reach out to a trusted friend for help or contact local law enforcement. 

Make a Confident Decision 

Even if you’ve already decided to have an abortion, it’s critical to educate yourself on all the side effects and risks before undergoing the procedure. Ask your doctor if you’re a good candidate for abortion considering your health history. 

Be informed on the different types of abortion and what to expect following the procedure. Knowledge is powerful. And you deserve to be empowered in whatever you decide for your pregnancy. 

Where Can I Find Free Resources? 

Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic exists to provide compassionate care to women in need. At Mendo Lake you can receive a no-cost pregnancy confirmation test, ultrasound, local resource list, and even STI testing and treatment. 

Get the honest answers you deserve because you have options. Schedule an appointment whenever you’re ready by texting 707-272-3051. Your partner is more than welcome to come along with you.