Having a history of abortion may cause some women to seek alternative measures for another unplanned pregnancy. If that’s you, take comfort in the fact that you do have other options available. 

We’ve outlined the abortion alternatives below so you can make a confident and informed decision for your future. 


Many reasons exist for wanting to end a pregnancy. Financial instability, college preparation, and sexual assault, to name just a few. After carrying your child to full term, adoption allows women the freedom to pursue their careers or schooling.

Adoption also has many benefits for all parties involved. Birth mothers may benefit from feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride in knowing they chose a better life for their child. The families who will raise the child receive the gift they’ve been hoping for. 

The adoption process is not easy, however. One major setback to adoption is the grieving process for the birth mothers. Like abortion, adoption means losing a child. Giving up a child is very difficult; women often experience feelings of loss and grief. Make sure you choose an adoption agency that provides thorough counseling before, during, and after.

With an open or semi-open adoption plan, a birth mother chooses the potential adoptive couple. You can be very involved in your child’s life or remain completely anonymous, depending on what you are most comfortable with. 

Talking with an adoption agency can help clarify whether adoption is the best decision for your unplanned pregnancy. 


It might seem obvious, but one of the alternatives to abortion is parenting. While you may not have planned on becoming a mom at this stage, some women find choosing to parent a happy detour they never knew they needed. 

Many women who decide to parent can connect with local organizations to find affordable housing, free parenting classes, food assistance programs, and more. 

Speaking with one of the patient advocates at Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic is a great place to begin. Our advocates will listen to your unique needs and work to provide support where you need it most. 

What’s The Next Step?

Walking through an unwanted pregnancy can feel very overwhelming and isolating. Finding a place of community and compassion is the step in regaining control of your life and future. 

Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic provides women with no-cost, confidential medical services such as pregnancy testing and ultrasounds. You may also qualify for STI testing. Our professional staff will help you discover the best plan forward based on your needs and wishes. 

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