When young women get pregnant and decide to have their baby, there are a lot of decisions they must make, including whether or not they will involve the birth father. Fathers also have rights in instances that involve abortion. Expectant fathers might be opposed to the decision of a pregnant mother to have an abortion, or conversely, may not wish to take on the responsibilities that come with fatherhood, and be opposed to carrying a pregnancy to term. This is why you should visit Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic, instead of Planned Parenthood in Ukiah, to receive information on father’s rights if you are pregnant and have difficulty making decisions. The staff at Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic informs. You decide.

The Rights Every Father Has

Here is a look at the rights that a father has when a woman is pregnant with or gives birth to his child.

  • Name on the Birth Certificate: In many cases, the mother has the option of putting “Refused to State” or “Unknown” on a birth certificate in place of the father’s name. However, this does not mean that the father cannot bring a paternity action to establish his paternal rights and have the birth certificate amended. Adding the father’s name to the birth certificate could legally benefit the baby, especially in regard to social security benefits and inheritance rights.
  • Visitation Rights: When the mother files a paternity action to establish the relationship between father and child in order to receive child support, they should know that the father can be awarded visitation rights if they wish to have a relationship with their child. The visitation order can be issued when child support is established by the court. The father has the right to have visitation, unless the court deems that it is not in the child’s best interests.
  • Child Support and Visitation Agreement: The mother and the father have the right to write their own agreement about visitations and child support. However, they should be aware that a court is not bound by it. They should submit the agreement to the court for approval so that it is adopted in a court order. This ensures that either party can enforce it if one of them breaches it.

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