Is your partner struggling to accept your unexpected pregnancy? Not having the support of your partner can create a whole new layer of stress and anxiety in the midst of all the physical and emotional changes you’re experiencing right now.

Below are a few simple ways to help you navigate an unsupportive partner during pregnancy.

Give The Gift Of Time

Pregnancy can bring many changes to you and your partner’s relationship. Sexual intimacy can decrease, jealousy can increase, as well as added financial stress and responsibility can create a strain on the relationship.

If your partner is angry or indifferent to your pregnancy, he may just need some time to process the information and allow the shock to wear off.

If you have given your partner adequate time to absorb the pregnancy news and he is still unwilling to support your decisions regarding the pregnancy, it’s time to find support elsewhere.

Building A Support System

Finding support from close friends, family, and local help centers can help offset the emotional and physical toll that can often come with pregnancy.

Ask a friend to come to your prenatal appointments with you. Call a family member and let them know you’re struggling to cook because of the exhaustion and nausea of pregnancy.

If you need an ultrasound or suspect you might have an STD, Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic offers quality medical tests and STD testing and treatment at no cost to you.

You might feel discouraged that your partner is not happy about the pregnancy, but know you can still find support for your pregnancy journey.

Getting The Care You Deserve

Reach out to Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic at 707-463-1436 and schedule a no-cost, confidential appointment with our friendly staff today.

We can help you establish a solid support system and help you explore your pregnancy options so you feel confident about the decisions made for your pregnancy journey.