Abortion is often a private matter. In fact, many women choose not to share that they’ve had an abortion even with their family or close friends. Because of the private nature, finding answers about how an abortion impacts a woman’s body can be scarce. 

However, scientists have completed studies that reveal the physical and emotional effects a woman can experience following an abortion. If you’re currently pregnant and considering termination, here’s what you might experience after the procedure. 

Physical Changes

The physical side effects after an abortion can range from mild to severe. 

Women who undergo a surgical abortion have reported bleeding and cramping for days to weeks after the procedure. 

The physical effects following a medical abortion (abortion pill) may include abdominal pain, uterine cramping, back pain, diarrhea, headache, or nausea. Pregnancy gestation, or the age of the pregnancy, determines whether you are eligible for a medical or surgical abortion.

Additionally, it is not uncommon for women to lactate following an abortion. A woman’s body goes through major hormonal shifts after a pregnancy ends. The way a pregnancy ends, whether through a full-term birth, miscarriage, or abortion does not stop or prevent these hormone shifts from occurring.

The process of stopping lactation can take a few days or weeks. During this time women may feel like their breasts are tender, full, and leak yellow or white liquid. 

Emotional Impacts

In addition to physical effects, many women will also experience emotional effects following an abortion. These can include feelings of depression, anxiety, guilt, remorse, and grief. 

Women with a history of mental illness may experience significant emotional effects and should consult their doctor before an abortion.

Finding the Right Path Forward

An abortion is a major life event. Taking time to learn about the details and risks can help you make a confident decision for the future. 

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