Experiencing a pregnancy crisis can create a lot of tension in a relationship. Costs, appointments, and tests you never planned on are now cause for concern. 

If you and your girlfriend are considering the abortion pill, you may be wondering if your health insurance can cover the cost. Below is the breakdown of what is covered under typical insurance policies and how much you should expect to pay for an abortion in your state. 

Can I Use My Health Insurance For My Girlfriend’s Abortion?

In short, no. Insurance policies only cover dependents in your own household. Dependents include spouses and children but, unfortunately, not girlfriends. 

Insurance coverage that includes abortion will vary depending on what state you live in. California law does include abortion care on most insurance policies; however, your girlfriend will have to use her own insurance and not yours. 

How Much Does The Abortion Pill Cost? 

An abortion can cost anywhere from $650-$3,000. Gestational age, or how far along the pregnancy is, will determine the exact procedure and cost. 

The abortion pill typically costs around $700 in the state of California. But before you run out and order the abortion pill, it’s important that you and your girlfriend understand how this medication works in order to prevent unwanted complications. 

How Does The Abortion Pill Work?

The abortion pill uses a combination of the drugs mifepristone and misoprostol to terminate a pregnancy. 

Women must be no more than 9 weeks pregnant to qualify for the abortion pill. If your girlfriend isn’t sure exactly how far along the pregnancy is, Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic can provide a free, limited ultrasound to confirm. There are even some instances when the abortion pill should not be taken at all.  Many of these can be determined with that limited ultrasound.

Side effects of the abortion pill can include nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, diarrhea, and headache. 

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