During these unprecedented times, Mendo Lake Women's Clinic remains open on a modified schedule to provide free and confidential pregnancy testing, obstetrical ultrasound exams and STD testing and treatment.

Knowing if You Are Rh Negative and Why

When you go for your very first prenatal appointment, a rather long list of blood screenings will be ordered by your OB –one of which will help determine your blood type. You probably already know whether you are Type A, B or O, but during pregnancy, the important thing is to find out whether you […]

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Are You Pregnant?

Have you just received the news that you are pregnant? There are some circumstances when pregnancy is not expected, and often comes at a difficult time. This is when a pregnancy care center can be most helpful. Regardless of whether your pregnancy is an expected one or not, it is vital to get the pregnancy […]

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STDs On the Rise

A recent report released by the CDC – Center for Disease Control and Prevention, reveals that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are on the rise across the United States. The CDC received reports of roughly 2.3 million cases. The data on 5-year trends in reported cases show that spikes in STD infections have continued for 4 […]

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