Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and curious about the cost of an abortion procedure? You’re in the right place. Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic is here to help you confirm your pregnancy, learn about your options, and explore the costs you might face.

How much does an abortion cost without insurance? 

The cost of an abortion varies greatly depending on the type of procedure you are eligible for. Your eligibility depends on the stage of your pregnancy and level of development.

Women under 10 weeks gestation will be eligible for a medical abortion, costing around $500 out-of-pocket. Surgical abortions, offered throughout the pregnancy, will start around $500 for early abortions and can cost upwards of $3,000 or more for late-term abortions.

Does insurance cover abortion in California?

Yes. California’s Medicare program, Medi-Cal, and all private insurance companies in the state are required to cover abortion procedures for all enrollees without medical justification, up until the point at which they are no longer legal.1,2 Abortion is legal in the state of California at or after fetal viability only if the patient’s life or health is at risk.

For those who are uninsured or wish to avoid the stress of making a claim with your insurance provider, you can receive early pregnancy services and information on every option at your local pregnancy clinic for no cost. 

What else should I budget for when deciding if abortion is right for me? 

In the state of California, insurance will also likely cover the costs of incidentals related to abortion, such as emergency medical care in case of serious complications, medication, office visits, and pre-abortion screenings, such as ultrasounds. However, there are some costs that aren’t covered you should consider.

These additional costs to consider include:

  • Missed paychecks due to time off as you recover from your abortion procedure
  • The cost of travel and accommodation if necessary for abortion access 
  • The cost of mental health counseling in case of abortion-related trauma 3 

How do I know if abortion is right for me? 

Knowledge is power when it comes to making an informed choice for your pregnancy. Here at Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic, we provide women with information on all of their options, including parenting, abortion, and adoption. 

By exploring each possibility and the risks and costs associated with each, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s right for you and feel confident as you move forward.

Schedule an appointment with Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic today at no cost to you.  Receive lab-quality pregnancy testing, a limited obstetrical ultrasound exam, and options consultation.


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